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          Foshan Unipower Electronic Co., Ltd.
          EP series is sine wave low frequency inverter, suitable for all electrical equipment,
          with wide input voltage range, stable output voltage and fast switching speed to provide uninterrupted power supply. Large LCD display for more detailed content. Users can connect it to external battery according to the actual needs of users, the back time is not restricted. 
            Field of application
          Suitable for all electrical equipments, especially for the key equipment, such as communication systems and computer networks, for electric power demanding environment of equipment it offer more flexible, reliable power supply.
            Performance characteristics
          1, Low frequency control, wide input voltage range and powerful ability to adapt to the environment;
          2, Stable output voltage(pure sine wave output), can be applied to all electrical equipment;
          3, Large LCD display for more detailed content;
          4, Application of advanced DSP digital control technology, make the UPS more stable performance, superior quality;
          5, Zero transfer time;
          6,  Intelligent battery management, prolonging the service life of the battery;
          7. Complete protection function, high reliability;
          8, Can be used with generators, wide input voltage and frequency range to effectively isolate the bad power generated by the generator, provide clean, safe,stable power 
          supply to load;
          9, With RS-232/USB computer communication interface can carry out automatic archiving, shutdown and monitor management status of UPS asintelligent monitoring function.
          Product Images
          Foshan Unipower Electronic Co., Ltd.